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Junior/Intermediate Division Instructors

Favorite region: Anatoliki Romylia
Favorite dance: Tsestos

Theodore, known as “Teddy,” is one of the Junior Division instructors and an active member of the Senior Division of Romiosyni Dance Group. Teddy has over 20 years of experience with the group as a performer. Before becoming a teacher, Teddy not only helped teach fellow dancers but also assisted with refining dancer’s regional styling. He also assisted transitioning new members into the Senior Division.

He has received training within Canada through dance seminars such as Klironomia and learning from other teachers who have taught the Romiosyni dance group both previous and currently.

Outside of dance, he is a well known for being a avid gamer and player of trading cards, as well as a listener of heavy metal music, and sporting several of his favourite band shirts to practices through out the year.


BA in Community Design (Dalhousie University 2019) and a Diploma in the Architectural Engineering Program (Nova Scotia Community College 2015).

Senior Division Instructors


Favorite region: Pontos, Aromanoi (Vlachs) of Serres, Anatoliki Romylia (Mavrothalassa), and Sarakatsanoi of Thrace

Favorite dance: Serra

With over 30 years experience as a dancer and 18 years as a dance instructor, Aki’s passion and knowledge for Greek dance has been a large part of his life. His goal is to learn, teach, and preserve Hellenic dance and culture by passing on his knowledge to others. His philosophy entails a holistic approach to teaching and showcasing authentic Greek dances and traditions to all generations and audiences.

He began his teaching career as secondary instructor for the Greek School and Romiosyni’s women’s division in 2003. In 2005, he became one of the senior division instructors which he currently teaches. He is also a member of the Greek Community’s dance committee which oversees all Greek dance-related initiatives in Halifax. He is also a mentor and guide for the instructors in the group.

He’s received training in Canada and Greece through various dance seminars and has been involved with dance research in and out of the field. Despite that he has a vast knowledge of dances from all over Greece, his Pontic background (3rd generation) motivated him to learn and research the dances and traditions of his papou. Other areas of specialization include dances, traditions, and songs of Peloponissos (his other “home”), Kriti, Anatoliki Romylia, Evros (Thraki), Makedonia (Drama, Serres, and Florina), Sarakatsanoi (Polites), and the Vlachs of eastern Makedonia (Grammoustianoi).

Aki formerly taught with the HRSB (HRCE) as a secondary teacher. Over the past 12 years, he turned his attention to adult learning as an instructional designer/e-learning specialist, curriculum developer,  university instructor, and learning-centered researcher within the contexts of on-the-job training (both military/public/private sectors), higher education, adult education, English as an Additional Language, and cultural education.


Aki has a BA in History/Political Science (Saint Mary’s University (2006), a BSc (Secondary Education) from University of Maine at Presque Isle (2009), MAEd (Mount Saint Vincent University) (2021), and is currently enrolled in the PhD (Educational Studies) at Mount Saint Vincent University. He currently holds a TC5 License (NS Department of Education) and a TESL Certificate (Saint Mary’s University)

Alumni (Former Instructors)

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