The dance group under the Greek Community of Halifax started, the way we know it today, in November 1985, when Dr. Metalinos and his wife came from Montreal, for a weekend seminar. With a lot of encouragement and help from our community priest Fr. Charalambos Elles, the group was formed. In the beginning there were 2 groups: the Greek School and the University students who performed for the very first time at the Greek Fest in 1986. Then, the following year, the youth of our community known as G.O.Y.A., started to have regular practices and became the third group.

Since then, a lot of students have become teachers and a lot of people, who only dreamt of dancing in the group, have joined in as dancers. What has brought everyone together is the love for Greek dancing. There were more seminars held by bringing teachers from Montreal (Taki and Tasia Tzotzis and Popi Nanna) and the U.S. (Joe Graziosi), while some of the teachers have developed professionally by attending seminars in Greece and Canada. This way, new material is brought back to keep the interest in our heritage alive.